Tai Chi and Qigong will guide you home within yourself to restore physical, mental and emotional balance. The effect is calming but also energizing, helping you to focus, to feel centered and to move through your day with clarity and ease. This practice of moving meditation cultivates harmony, inner strength and healing.


Gurney Bolster brings decades of experience and depth to every Tai Chi and Qigong class. Versed in both Eastern and Western wellness practices, Gurney shares her unique understanding of their complementarity. She demonstrates and explains clearly the what- why-and-how of every exercise, nurturing each student’s path of self-discovery and self-care.

Online and In-Person Classes use safe, easy to follow movement patterns to transform stress into vitality, resilience, and serenity. Enjoy the power, wisdom, and grace of these ancient practices. Let the gentle rhythms and flow guide you away from distractions and distress to grateful body, happy heart and peace of mind.

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Embody the flowing patterns and cycles of nature with this gentle practice of moving meditation. Feel how the mindful movement and breath connect you with your innate sources of strength, resilience and grace. Listen to your body. Nourish wholeness, harmony, purpose and joy.