Introduction to Tai Chi & Qigong

These classes focus on the basic principles and patterns of Tai Chi and Qigong – to build strength, balance, and agility, while nurturing serenity and joy. Rooted in ancient Chinese wellness practices these moving meditations integrate body, mind and breath through action and stillness. The movement patterns, or forms, are short and don’t require much space. The rhythmic repetition of each form allows you to relax, explore and refine each movement, to find your center, natural flow and ease. The poetic imagery of Qigong encourages a playful mindfulness and creativity.


Learn to listen to your body, relieve stress, and replenish your energy. Make Qigong a part of your self-care journey to find clarity, resilience and solace amidst the ups & downs, twists & turns that life brings your way.


Online classes allow you to practice within the comfort, safety and convenience of your home and to take the classes with you when you travel!. The daily class schedule is designed to encourage regular practice. The reward of consistent practice is vibrant health and depth of understanding.  The daily classes also allow you the flexibility to make your own schedule, adjusting your practice to the needs of each day.

Platform: Online classes are facilitated by Ompractice, a digital wellbeing platform offering a variety of wellness classes. Classes are live-streamed using Zoom, a free and user-friendly video-conferencing software that is compatible with most devices. Zoom allows you to see and hear the instructor clearly and interact with the instructor and other students to ask questions and share insights.


 Schedule: Set your own schedule among more than 20 morning classes every month!

  • Dates:  June 1-29, NO CLASSES June 3-8 
  • Time: Monday – Saturday 9-10am ET
  • Please Note: Class schedule varies from one month to another – exact dates for the current month are indicated here and can be viewed in your Ompractice student portal.

Class Packages & Pricing: for 50% off your first purchase, use coupon code GURNEY50

  • 12 Classes: Up to 12 classes per calendar month for $60
  • Unlimited Classes: Access to an unlimited number of classes per calendar month for $90
Registration: select desired package below (note: registration links are month-specific & are released one week ahead of each month)

Zoom link for live classes: This can be found in the registration confirmation email you receive from Ompractice. The Zoom links for classes are also available in your Ompractice student portal ( under “Your Upcoming Classes”.  To join a class, click on the “Join Now” button. If you have any difficulty accessing class please contact Gurney.


Bonus recorded classes for monthly registrations: Every month, a unique selection of previously recorded classes will be made available to be used at your convenience throughout the month.