Traditional Tai Chi Sun 73 – Level III

The Sun Style 73 Forms class will allow you to enjoy the rich culture of traditional tai chi. The material will be presented gradually to build familiarity with the sequence, while at the same time creating opportunities to refine your neuro-motor skills, increase your endurance and deepen your concentration. Physically we focus on maintaining a slow, smooth, continuous flow of movement, maintaining good body alignment and breathing naturally. Mentally the work involves quieting your mind, clarifying the intent of each form, and gaining greater self-awareness.

If you have completed Tai Chi for Health Levels I and II, this class offers you the opportunity to take your practice to a deeper level. However, if you have a strong background in martial arts, dance, or other movement training, you may enjoy the challenge of beginning your tai chi journey with this traditional sequence.

Once you have selected your preferred class and location, you can register here.

Class Schedule & Locations:

Blue: Mt. Lebanon
No classes scheduled
$70 per cycle of 6 weekly classes

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