Tai Chi for Health – Level I

Learn to relax, focus your mind, listen to your body, and move with increased ease. This beginner level class starts with a gentle Qigong warm up and then guides you through a tai chi sequence comprised of 6-12 forms. Focused on fundamental movement principles and basic tai chi forms, the class will help you improve balance, postural alignment, body awareness and coordination.

The Tai Chi for Health classes use Dr. Paul Lam‘s signature programs and teaching methods, assuring a student-friendly atmosphere that is non-competitive, enjoyable, and inclusive of all. The goal is to provide you with tools to support your health and well-being.

Once you have selected your preferred class and location, you can register here.

Class Schedule & Locations:

Red: Bethel Park

BlueMt. Lebanon
No classes scheduled
$70 per cycle of 6 weekly classes

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