Student Testimonials

“Gurney is an amazing Tai Chi instructor.  Growing up in China, I understand how beneficial Tai Chi is to human body.  But in China, I never dared or bothered to try–it looked too complicated to me.   I changed my perception of Tai Chi and was totally fascinated by Gurney’s creative, elegant and relaxed approach to Tai Chi.  She makes Tai Chi such a pleasant, relaxed and accessible exercise–no need to understand the sophisticated Chinese philosophy behind Tai Chi; no particular attire is required for the exercise, as far as one is dressed comfortably.” —– Eve

All my life I’ve been an overachiever in high gear feeling like there weren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done.  Now that I’m retired, I realized I wanted and needed to slow down. I have been practicing Tai Chi for Health with Gurney since 2010 and am amazed that this “movement meditation” has had such a profound effect on my life.  I’ve finally learned what slowing down feels like.  I’m more relaxed and many of the back and shoulder aches and pains I’ve lived with for years have slowly faded away. Gurney’s a wonderful teacher and I feel lucky to have found her!” —– Judie

“The reason I started tai chi was to improve my golf game. But beyond the balance and coordination work there have been some unexpected bonuses. Tai chi has reduced my stress levels and given me the gift of calmness. I also feel that I now have more time, with routine responsibilities and daily tasks seeming to get done more quickly and easily. And my handicap has gotten better!” —–  Marleen

“Your classes have made a tremendous difference in intercultural relationships (among the residents) and have brought together groups of people who did not socialize together or think they had things in common.  With Tai Chi as common ground they have built life long friendships that changed their lives and others in the building.  Thank you for being who you are, doing what you do.” –—- Kara

“Tai Chi is a good exercise for everybody, for both body and mind.  It helps you to feel calm while improving breathing and balance.  It also makes you more sure of yourself when walking, to prevent falling.” —–  Sofia

“I decided to come to tai chi because I have been sick for quite a while and I hoped it would help me with my balance.  I thought at first I wouldn’t be able to do it, but Gurney suggested I sit down during the class when ever I got tired.  That was such a help.  So now I stand when I can and sit as needed.  After a few weeks I was able to follow much easier (which I never thought I’d be able to do).  It really does help me more than I ever imagined.  I feel more relaxed and my balance has improved.” —– Ellen

“My blood pressure is lower and I feel more peaceful after tai chi class.  Gurney makes the class fun.  She is kind and listens to each of us.”     —– Donna

“When I was diagnosed with breast cancer my oncologist told me not to stop doing Tai Chi during treatment. Tai Chi is something very positive and calming that you can do amidst all the negative and scary stuff you have to deal with. The mindfulness of the practice takes your mind off everything else. It helps clear your mind to handle things better. Tai Chi class was something to look forward to. It got me out of the house. There were the social factors of going to class: making new friends who became part of my support group. I could do Tai Chi in place of other activities I could not do because of the side effects of treatment or issues of immunity. Tai Chi feels good to do and it doesn’t tire you out.  After surgery the gentle stretches are good to counteract the contracture of the scar tissue and to help keep the lymph moving.” —– Paula

“I began Tai Chi mainly for its anticipated mental and spiritual benefits.  Happily, a pleasant surprise came with Tai Chi’s positive effect on my Ballroom and Social Dancing.  Coordination and stamina on the dance floor have  improved.  Proper breathing has certainly helped me endure a longer lesson where  previously I needed several rests. I feel more limber and graceful.  Dancing is simply more fun!” —–  Jim

“Tai chi made me realize how important it is to “slow down.”  —– Jackie

“I have been studying tai chi for many years to reduce knee pain from arthritis and to improve my balance.  Tai chi relieves my mental stress and gives me an overall feeling of calmness that lasts for several days after each class. Sometimes a friend will say, “Isn’t Tai Chi for old people?”  My reply is always that anyone can and does benefit from Tai Chi, and for those of us with busy lives working and raising children – it is one hour of total relaxation and “me time” which benefits both body and mind.  Gurney is excellent in her instruction and direction – breaking down the Tai Chi movements step-by-step.” —– Lisa

“I have found that my balance has improved and my blood pressure has lowered.  It also helps to develop a relaxed, peaceful way of thinking.  It also helps with flexibility.” —– Beverly

“I have been studying, practicing and teaching  Karate for almost a half century.  I have always had an interest in tai chi but it wasn’t until this year that I finally acted on my interest and began studying with Gurney.  She is an extremely competent instructor and all that I am learning is an excellent compliment to my Karate skills.  The class time flies by and I leave each session with a hunger for more.  I recommend study under Gurney for anyone of any age, martial artist and non-martial artist alike.” —– Chuck

“I have been fighting knee pain for many years. Since taking Gurney’s Tai Chi for Health classes I learned to stop locking my knees. As a result, I have less pain and more mobility.” —– Maxine

“We have been taking Tai Chi for Health classes to help me deal with my arthritis and my husband with his Parkinson’s disease. We have found better balance through the slow, mindful movements. We also enjoy and benefit from Gurney’s verbal instructions and learning something of the history of tai chi.” —– Betty & Dan

“I am so glad that I joined Gurney’s tai chi classes. I initially joined because of curiosity and the need to have some form of exercise.  Having had knee surgery and subsequent pain/sensitivity in my knee, I was concerned about my ability to participate because of my limitations. After learning how to move slowly and gently, to shift weight and focus on the mind-body connection, my flexibility, strength, balance and confidence have improved.  Now, I look forward to each tai chi class. I leave class feeling rejuvenated, full of vitality, mentally and emotionally relaxed. Learning tai chi has gone from being an outlet for exercise to becoming a lifestyle for me.  Gurney encouraged me to become a Tai Chi for Health instructor to deepen my practice.  I am excited to learn more about the tai chi principles and to share its benefits with others.” —– Sharif